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Head Chef Thomas Hine shares his recipe to this restaurant favourite, his white chocolate and rhubarb tart. For 4-6 people.

For the tart case

250g plain flour

125g soft butter

85g sugar

1 egg

Poached rhubarb

200g rhubarb (cut into 3 cm lengths)

100g sugar and water for stock syrup

White chocolate ganache

200g mascarpone

50g sugar

3 eggs

1 yolk

100g white chocolate

Rhubarb sorbet

1kg rhubarb

500g stock syrup

50g honey

To make the tart case, cream the butter and sugar together until fully softened, stir in the egg, then follow with the flour.  This will make the pastry, be sure not to overwork this.  Wrap your pastry in cling film and let it rest for at least an hour.  Roll out your dough and press into tart molds and blind bake with baking beans at 160 degrees for 15mins, then 5 minutes without them .

To poach the rhubarb, start by making your stock syrup which is made using 50 / 50 water and sugar.   Add in the sugar, and the same amount of water, bring it to the boil and poach your rhubarb for a few minutes until it’s tender.

Moving on to the chocolate ganache, mix the eggs, sugar, and mascarpone together.  Separately, melt the white chocolate in a pan and pour in your mascarpone mix.  Continue heating this through until it reaches 82 degrees. Once reached, pass through a chinois or a strainer, and then chill.

To make the rhubarb sorbet, heat all the ingredients together in a pan until very soft.  Blend until there are no lumps and pass through a chinois.  Once chilled, either put through an ice cream churner of simply freeze as it is.

Construct all your dish elements, starting with the tart case, adding the poached rhubarb and chocolate ganache.  If you would like to garnish further, you can add sorrel leaves or raw rhubarb slices and white chocolate pieces.  Add your sorbet to finish.  Enjoy!

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